Welcome to Fennof company

We buildt and
developing business

Our business is focused on leasing, Renting
& Financing offices equipment’s


Overseas trading in office & Bank machines.

Leasing of office equipments.

Sales & import-export management.

Negoce Management

International Network.

Fennof negoce

Tropical products negoce

Fennof transport negoce

Representatives’ solutions

Authorized company as scan-coin Bank machines.

Inks & Towers representatives

Electronic payment systems representatives and others

About Us

Our Expertise

With many years of partnership among many of our partners in Europe, West-Africa and Scandinavia, we building our strategies around services, negoce, business and reprensetatives.

What we do?

We buildt and developing business, negoce,markets research strategies and representatives solutions on the global market in Africa (West-Africa) as in Scandinavia.

Our Vision

Promoting the best business and negoce approaches, by targing services, securities and confidence for compagnes in all sectors.

years of Business Management

We combine new business with new technologies to improve our services and qualities securities

Felix Denyo
CEO & Founder

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What we do

Our Services

Leasing Management Service

digital impression

digital marketing services

Technical support for copiers & bank counting machines

global market research

factoring management

Our Staff

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